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safety deposit protection scheme?

In April 2007, the government of England and Wales mandated that all deposits collected for guaranteed shorthold tenancies must be protected. The goal is to ensure that you receive equitable treatment when your lease expires. According to the Housing Act of 2004, your landlord or leasing agency is required to follow a variety of procedures to keep your security deposit safe and to provide you with notice of this. As a tenant , you may be thinking what happens to the security deposit you paid to your landlord or renting agent. We are the largest supplier of deposit protection in the UK and are officially licensed to do so for tenancies in England and Wales. Trust us to keep your money secure; we’ve handled over 5 million deposits in the past 10 years while delivering a straightforward service our customers appreciate. The standard security deposit equals four or five weeks of rent. Any deposit in excess of 5 weeks’ rent (or 6 weeks’ rent if your yearly rent is over £50,000) is prohibited. When you move out of an apartment that you rented under an assured shorthold tenancy, your security deposit must be “preserved” in a TDP. The plan safeguards your funds and guarantees you receive your security deposit and any other money you are due when your lease expires. Even if your parents or a friend paid your security deposit on your behalf, that money still has to be safeguarded. If you’re a lodger or a college student living in residence halls, your security deposit is not required to be insured. If you rent privately and have a guaranteed or protected tenancy, it also isn’t need to be safeguarded.

when should deposit be protected?

If you have an not sure hold tenancy that began on or after April 6, 2007, your landlord is required to place your security deposit in a tenancy deposit programme (TDP) that has been authorized by the government. Your deposit can be recorded in England and Wales with one of the following:

·         Deposit Insurance and Guarantee Service
·         MyDeposits, which includes deposits that were formerly managed by the Capita Tenancy Deposit Scheme
·         In the event that you do not rent your property under an assured shorthold lease, your landlord has the option of accepting valuable assets (such as a vehicle or watch) in place of a monetary deposit. A plan is not going to be used to safeguard the objects.

The TDP programs in Scotland and Northern Ireland are run independently from one another?

They will guarantee that you will receive your deposit returned in the event that you:

·         abide by the terms of your rental agreement, avoid causing damage to the property, and pay both your rent and your expenses on time.
·         Your landlord or rental agent has thirty days from the time they receive your security deposit to submit it to the program.
·         When your tenancy comes to an end
·         The amount of your security deposit must be returned to you within ten days of you and your landlord reaching an agreement over the amount.
·         In the event that you have a disagreement with your landlord, the Tenancy Deposit Protection Plan will keep your deposit safe until the conflict is resolved.
·         Having deposits in a bank

The money that you pay to “hold” a property before an agreement is signed is called a holding deposit. Your landlord is not required to secure this money. When you move in, the holding deposit is converted into a deposit, which the landlord is obligated to safeguard.

Deposits made by a party other than yourself?

Even if the security deposit is provided by another party—for example, a rent deposit program or your parents—your landlord is still required to employ a TDP scheme.

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Safety Deposit Envelope Contract


Even if the security deposit is provided by another party—for example, a rent deposit program or your parents—your landlord is still required to employ a TDP scheme.

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